Revs: What Is Happiness?


It’s not often, as a New England Revolution fan, that we find ourselves happy. For the past 5 years, the team took a pretty decent downfall, and it has driven the fandom into a realm of sadness. I often gave the comparison of the “factory of sadness”, that the Browns fan Mike Polk once called the Browns Stadium. “I’ll see you Sunday” was his sign off from that rant he went on. It has been very similar for so many Revs fans to step onto Gillette’s parking lots and feel the same way.

Right now, since May 14th when Bruce Arena was hired, it seems a totally different world. We now have belief in the team that we watch. We have renewed sense of pride. The Revs have always had a summer slump, even when they were good. Now, we’re winning in the summer. Is this even the same team? Is this like the The Society? No, we’re just a better team than we were 2 months ago. It’s crazy to say we just signed Gustavo Bou, a well-known striker, who has scored 66 goals in 157 appearances in the past 5 years. Wait, a striker? That actually has scored a large amount of goals in the prime of his career? This is unheard of.

Bandwagon? Just Jaded…

I have started to see all my friends come back out of their shells that they hid into as a Revs fan. I have a family of fans that told me they are coming to the game after not seeing them show up in years. People are showing their pride by wearing their shirts, jackets, scarves, wherever they go. I have a co-worker now who asks me everyday at break what the news is with the team. He also managed to pick me out of the crowd while watching the Vancouver game. He is not exactly who you would call an average soccer fan. It’s really exciting that the hype is getting everyone Revs-centric.

I can’t wait for tomorrow to sing with my friends and watch our team be dominant again. It will be glorious…I can’t believe I’m saying this. Happiness may be fleeting, but for now, I’ll live where there’s hope. Here’s to the Bruce Arena Era. Don’t let me downnnnnn BRUCE!

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