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I completely understand that I have little to no credibility when it comes to analyzing rosters decisions, playing strategies, and other such topics in relation to soccer. After all, I am a fan, not a former player (outside of the general recreational fun), certified or former coach/manager (I have thought about getting my padges). Fans tend to have blinders when it comes to their teams, there is a reason it is short for fanatics but when I attempt to look at the Revolution and MLS, in general, I try to keep my eyes open and be willing to be rational but to be honest it does not always happen. Even looking across the pond and to Europe, I try to be as open and honest with how I see Chelsea’s season going (thank you FIFA ‘98).

My playing career was simple, I started as a kid around 3 or 4 and played until I was heading into the 8th grade. I never played travel, which has since become club. I only played in my town’s recreational league. Was I ok, maybe but I was not the most coordinated soooo tricks weren’t my cup of tea. I started as a forward, being taller than most of the kids I played with, transitioned to a winger due to pace and endurance, became a true number 8 box to box, and finished as a sweeper since I could read the game in front of me well. But I stopped because I was a runner(got hurt in college), still trying to get back to playing but in general, it has only really been pick-up games since around 2002.

My loyalties to the Revolution as quite easy to explain, local team. Did it take some time for me to go to a game, yes but since I’ve started going, I try not to miss one either in person or over TV. My loyalties to Chelsea are a little bit weirder. It started through playing with them in FIFA ‘98. I picked them because I enjoyed their crest, at 10 who wouldn’t enjoy a lion crest. As I continued to play with them though, I enjoyed it because especially in indoor soccer gameplay (yes FIFA had an indoor soccer stadium while ago). It was pure chaos in a 4v4 setting( youtube it, seriously). Then I got my first kit in 2006 in Lichtenstein (still have it, does not fit anymore, should probably replace it), it was not until 2016 that I finally put a players name on the back of one. I have always preferred the statement I support the club, not a player, but then when deciding to create a legends collection, it has started. I now have three Chelsea kits with something on the back, a Terry kit from his last season, a Lampard kit from his last season as a player, and a 2013 design that Chelsea did a special release with Champions of Europe and 12 on the back.

Those are my lack of qualifications, but still being able to rant occasionally will hopefully be interesting enough for some of you. It might not always be succinct, but I will try to keep things at least entertaining. Enjoy the world for now as the EPL starts tomorrow and life is about to get really good again, Norwich v Liverpool, I do feel a bit sorry for Norwich. Championship has started and the rest of Europe is coming. The MLS is getting into an interesting time and with how the Eastern conference looks who the hell knows what’s going to happen there. It is a fun time to be a soccer or football(yes I will call it that sometimes deal with it).

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