Week 8: I got Nothing


I sat down to try and write some predictions for this weekends matches, and just had nothing. Life over the past two weeks has been emotionally draining between actual life and sports life. Therefore instead of putting up some drivel this week, I am giving myself one more week before going full into prediction mode. Maybe two weeks off will recharge some batteries and bring me better results, probably not but one can dream.

There is an ongoing love affair in these predictions with Norwich City striker Teemu Puki, and while at times is may seem overdone, his early season form has been nothing but an enjoyment to watch. The game against Manchester City was simple pure enjoyment, and we don’t get that many of those moments when the big boys visit some of newcomers.

Im writing this while watching Brighton v Spurs and enjoying the downfall fo Spurs through the first half. Hugo Lloris’s injury was horrific, but Brighton have been on top throughout the entirety of the half. They deserve their lead, and maybe this spells the end for Pochettino. But this single half shows me the difficulty the rest of the season is going to be.

Final thought: if there is a game between smaller clubs, watch it. Those teams will charm their way into your life, like Norwich has this year for me. While Chelsea will always be my team, you can enjoy watching these clubs fighting each other for survival, knowing exactly what the money in the EPL can do to save clubs. Support a struggling team at the bottom this year and enjoy the struggle to stay up.

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