Week 11: Thankfully no Friday Game


Well last week I just did scores and that went pretty well, maybe that bodes well in my favor.

Bournemouth v Manchester United

Bournemouth have found a level of consistency over the last couple of weeks, one that they will hope continues with the arrival of United this weekend. They are now sitting middle of the table with three consecutive draws, which they will be looking to turn into wins. The goals have seemed to dry up the past couple of weeks, which is a worry but once expects that Callum Wilson will find his scoring touch again. While their opposition has not been the cream of the crop. Getting points is a very important starting point, and games they were loosing earlier this year have turned into draws. If their defense continues to be solid, lead by a very promising youngster in Nathan Ake, they should be looking to get at least a point out of this match. Please forgive the language but where the fuck did this United team come from. They went into the break looking dead in water and have now rolled out two very impressive results. Yes Norwich City has looked poor in recent times, but United were struggling agains that type of competition before the break. There win against Chelsea mid week was also something to be hopeful for in the red side of Manchester. I think they still have something to prove, that this is not just a small uptick in fortunes and something actual. The injury to Pogba is still a loss but they seem to be functioning better without him. It will be interesting to see what happens once he is healthy (personally think he is gone in January). Not quite sure this will be the correct result but let go 1-1.

West Ham v Newcastle

West Ham have had moments this season where they look like they have turned a corner, and then they seem to withdraw back to the team from last year who looked lost at times. The ended their loss streak with the draw last weekend against Sheffield United, which actually is a good result with the form Sheffield are in. They have a manager who has the knowledge and skill to lead a team throughout the premiership, as well as other leagues throughout the world. While some may argue he has only had true success at big clubs (Real Madrid 96 pts in a season and the years in charge of City) I think he can find a way to get this team purring again. They have a striker who started to prove himself, a captain that leaves everything on the pitch and leads by example, and enough talent around them to survive. Newcastle has had a bit of bad luck with on the injury front. 4 players ruled out, and Andy Carrol not entirely fit but trying to get back. Part of me wants to see this team continue to fail, but there is a place in my head where I think, if they are successful maybe it will be easier for Mike Ashley to sell the club. He ranks up there in terms of the worst owners in all the FA, who just has the revenue of the EPL to keep his team floating. While the players are solid, and rumors of reinforcements coming in from the MLS (Josef Martinez rumor), it will be interesting to see how the injury issues play out today. West Ham 2-0.

Aston Villa v Liverpool

Aston Villa lost 3-0 to a brilliant second half performance from the citizens. They have shown really good resolve against teams above them in the table. I think they have a chance, all be it a small one to pull a surprise and get a result here. Don’t entirely know why, but outside the defeat to Arsenal back on Sept. 22 they have looked very good over the last couple of weeks. I know I talk about him in almost every post, but Tyrone Mings has kept some of the best strikers in the EPL is his pocket this year, learning from the best center back in EPL history John Terry (come at me). If he can get his back line marshaled, this could be a surprisingly good day for Villa. Also shout out to Jack Grelish, showing his qualityThere is not much to say about Liverpool other than they continue to find ways to rebound and win matches. They have so much talent and consistency across the starting 11. The defense still worries me at times, I think they can still be attacked with pace through the middle, but their possession and work rate off the ball pressing their opponents gives little chances for that to happen. Klopp has a well oiled machine that he may just be leading on the long road to their first league title since 1989/90. They looked vulnerable at times against Spurs last weekend, but Villa are a different measuring stick and I kinda want to be correct so Liverpool 3-0.

Arsenal v Wolverhampton

Arsenal responded from the shock loss to Sheffield United, with a draw against a very high performing Crystal Palace side. The midweek thriller against Liverpool should also give them confident in their ability to perform against anybody. My fear for them is that they continue to ship goals, and I don’t know if Kieran Tierney can fix that one his own. I am a Chelsea fan and as shocked as I was about David Luiz’s departure in August, I was not sad to see him go. I do not fully rate him as a defender and while he can lead a line, he is prone to the odd error or two. Uni Emery is a bit under the gun, and with Jose Mourinho coming out this week stating he would like the Arsenal job, the seat just got a bit hotter. Wolverhampton still are finding their way this season. The league has adjusted to their way of play from last year and they have yet to adjust back. They seem to slowly be regaining the form that lead them to a top 7 finish last year. I still worry that their mid week excursions in Europe earlier this season will cost them. Since their win at Manchester City they have only managed 3 points from 9, which is not a good result, but their performances have looked better. Going 2-2.

Sheffield United v Burnley

When will the league take notice of the tactics that Sheffield employ. They still seem to surprise teams with how their center backs play. I have started to really appreciate their playing style and their commitment to playing together. Chris Wilder is up for Premier League manager of the month for October, and while this writer may have voted another way, it was a tough decision. Dean Henderson did get my vote for player of the month, as he has done an amazing job as goalkeeper for Sheffield this year, minus that Liverpool mistake. He can keep this team up on his own, they just may loose him next year, as he is on loan from United. Burnley looked outclassed for much of their match against Chelsea. I think they are a very good side, and I still highly rate their manager but at times, their play has gotten stale. It’s traditional route one football most of the time, and while it works it is predictable. Ashley Barnes’s goals have dried up after the torrid start to the season, so they need to get him clicking again. Jay Rodriguez hit a peach of a goal last week against Chelsea, so if he continue to build form that they have a shot at a point. Sheffield 2-0

Brighton and Hove Albion v Norwich City

Brighton pulled off nothing short of a fantastic comeback against Everton. Aaron Connelly looked inspired when he came off the bench against Everton, and if he can provide that spark from the start things might get interesting at the Amex. This game to me is more about Norwich. They came out of the gate firing, hell I was willing to throw money for a Teemu Puki kit (still may). They have looked shell of the team that took down Manchester City, and they need to rediscover some sort of form soon or they could be in for a long climb to try and survive the drop. Puki has not found the net for Norwich nice that match and they need him to start going. Teams are putting most of their defensive focus on him and Norwich need to find another outlet. They have a style of play that reminds me of that one Blackpool season in the EPL when they played with flair but couldn’t keep the opposition off the score sheet. I think Norwich need to find some solidity at the back again, but the way they play is admirable. Brighton 2-1

Manchester City v Southampton

Honestly, this game is a repeat of Wednesday with a better squad for City playing. Southampton need to show something after shipping 9 goals last time out in the league. Yes, they dropped to 10 men, but there was no fight. This will be a stroll for City 4-0. Southampton in a relegation fight this year.

Sorry, not all the games…..Ran out of steam……

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