COVID-19 Update


It has taken me time to wrap my head around blogging about soccer and sports during this period of our lives. We are learning about the strength and character of ourselves outside the sports world. We are learning how sports can distract from life, and in our current chaotic environment, they are missed.

I intend to go back and rewatch the first two games for the Revolution this MLS season and do more through breakdowns than initially planned. Give more accurate analyses for each player if possible, not just the big moments and general thoughts. Not only will it give me some sports and writing for distractions but also perhaps give some of you some distractions from the world as well.

Finally, with everyone doing these kits out challenge, I will be doing a breakdown of my extensive jersey collection. I know some people may find this annoying, but there are some fun pieces and others that have some excellent stories attached to them. Hopefully, this will bring some people joy and entertainment during these troubling times.

I hope everyone is staying healthy and as safe as possible.

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