New England Revolution 2021/22 Secondary Kit


As someone who owns a very decent amount of Revolution kits, please feel free see the collection minus three new additions; I take every launch seriously. Looking at the new secondary kit, it will be purchased in the coming weeks. Please note that my comments are about the authentic/player issue version of this jersey and not the replica. Due to the difference between the material and detail difference, I have not purchased an MLS replica kit since 2012. The ones I had have been replaced.

Fan Favorites Teal Bunbury and Andrew Farrell rocking the new kit. Photocredit: Revolution Communications

The Fort Secondary Kit

The 2021/22 New England secondary kit takes its pattern and colors from the Revolutionary War Forts spread through the New England landscape. As with the rest of the league and the Community theme for this cycle’s MLS kits, the Revolution has named the new secondary The Fort.

The Shirt

Taking the colors from the sky and ocean surrounding those forts, the contrasting shoulders and sleeve cuffs are sky blue, and dark navy has stark differences making a balanced feel to the kit. A dark navy monochromatic badge replaced the typical red, white, and navy color scheme of the Revolution badge. Accenting the top is the same dark navy United Healthcare primary sponsor; no sleeve sponsor has been mentioned yet and numbering. A returning detail is the flag of New England on the back of the neck, which continues the tradition that started in 2012.

Flag of New England and Sleeve Detailing matching the corresponding shoulder colors(only on the authentic). Photocredit: Revolution Media

The final detail on the Revolution Secondary kit is a polarizing one. The jock tag of this kit is a nod to the section of Gillette home to the supporter groups. Standing in sections 141, 142, and 143 are the Midnight Riders, Rebellion, and others that support the Revolution in the general admission section called the Fort. The Revolution stated they are trying to pay tribute to the members who stand in that section. Still, it could ostracize the remainder of the fanbase as most do not sit in those sections.

Jock Tag honoring the supporters section at Gillette Stadium (Only on the Authentic version). Photocredit: Revolution Media

Shorts and Socks

The shorts are solid white, with the striping matching the same color scheme of the shoulders and sleeve accents. Here I feel like there is a missed opportunity as the monochromatic badge is again the dark navy blue. Since the bade is on the sky blue side, it would have been a good change and given a unique look to the overall kit. Finishing out the face, we have the sky blue socks, which are a striking element contrast and stand out to the rest of the kit.

Sky Blue Socks that compliment the Revolution Secondary Kit. Photocredit: Revolution Media

Overall Thoughts

Overall I enjoy the detailing and color scheme of this kit. I can see the complaints in the comparison to the 2020 Spain home kit.  While the kits’ bodies are similar, the Revolution continues the block pattern through the sleeves, while Spain has solid red sleeves. Also there are different collar styles between the Spain 2020 Home and the Revolution 21/22 Secondary. Also, I can understand people who want more from the design and having issues with the name of the kit. 

Personally, the subtleties of the design, calling into a significant part of Revolutionary War history in the community the team represents, are lovely. I am curious to see if there is a textured look to the grey blocks. That would add an excellent additional detail. It would also drive home the reference to the stonework that built the local Forts (my personal favorite from childhood is at Portland Headlight).

I enjoy the fact that they used sky blue and a very dark navy to provide good contrast in colors. While the monochromatic badge ruins the Crayola effect, it is overall a good execution. The sky blue socks are the single part of the entire kit that is off to me. I think I will need to grow on me over time.

Final thought, if the Revs go out and win in this kit, no one is going to care about how it looks and will sell.

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