Outlook On 2021 Revs Season: By The Fans


Short Corners Long Prose decided to reach out to our friends and fellow Revolution fans for their outlook. We asked them some questions about the 2021 season. These are their answers.

How are you feeling about the Revolution going into the 2021 Season?

Chris Mejia: I’m feeling extremely optimistic. After last season and the great show of skill and talent from our younger players, I feel like we can be a top 3 team in the league if not even take the shield this year

@Goldenhand33/Twitter: I am excited for the season. I think Revs can make a run in the East if Gil and Bou stay healthy

Brendan Wilson (Soccer Banditz): Confident, we have talent just need to put it together!

Sean Mackinnon (Soccer Banditz): Really optimistic, possibly the best season in New England

Sean Cronin (Soccer Banditz): Feeling good. I’m excited to see how new players that were acquired over the offseason are utilized. I think Bruce was forced to change things constantly at the end of last season due to injuries/form. However, with a much deeper team now I think you’ll see him tinker more in the beginning of the season and we will see a well oiled machine come playoff time.

Greg Gomes (MLSNowPodcast.com): Great! I really feel if this team stays healthy they can do damage in the league

What Constitutes A Successful Season?

Chris Mejia : To me successful season for the Revs means progress. I have seen some really terrible seasons and frankly making a higher seed than the previous season and and through the first round of playoffs is a successful season in my opinion

@Goldenhand33 : Qualification to one of the competitions in either CONCACAF or Leagues Cup.

Brendan Wilson (Soccer Banditz): Eastern Conference final appearance. Columbus is damn tough but we should compete with everyone else with no excuses

Sean Mackinnon (Soccer Banditz): Good record, playoff run, trophies, CCL qualification

Sean Cronin (Soccer Banditz): It depends on your own belief. It all comes down to what everyone in that locker room believes is possible. If everyone believes anything is possible, then winning the Cup is what will make it a successful season.

Greg Gomes (MLSNowPodcast.com): MLS Cup finals

Where do you think the Revolution will end the season?

Chris Mejia : With the recent signings and new found depth of the roster as well as seeing the results of preseason and taking into account what we saw last season? I think we have a real shot at the ultimate prize of a first MLS Cup. We have a full, healthy squad and will be a an absolute force to reckon with in 2021

@Goldenhand33 : 3rd in the East

Brendan Wilson (Soccer Banditz): Conference Final L

Sean Mackinnon (Soccer Banditz): MLS Cup champs

Sean Cronin (Soccer Banditz): Conference Finals or beyond.

Greg Gomes (MLSNowPodcast.com): ECF Winner and finals runner up. Second in the east regular season

What player has the most to prove in 2021?

Chris Mejia : Adam Buksa. After last season suffering through a mid season stoppage and isolation and depressive bout, It took him awhile to get back into a confident headspace on the field. We saw a great upturn later on in the season but I think in the fans eyes he’s got so much more to prove he’s worth holding that DP slot. You can see he’s definitely capable of the play making and goal scoring so I’m hoping to see more of it this season

@Goldenhand33 : Adam Buksa

Brendan Wilson (Soccer Banditz): Adam Buksa, Gustavo Bou

Sean Mackinnon (Soccer Banditz):Buksa

Sean Cronin (Soccer Banditz): Buska and if Rennicks gets true opportunity then him too.

Greg Gomes (MLSNowPodcast.com): Buksa

Who are you most excited about watching in 2021?

Chris Mejia : This is going to be a very unpopular answer to the question. I’m most excited to see the fans. After attending only ONE home game last season, the team needs us the 12th man. Hearing how the players talk about the power and energy the fans give them, I’m most definitely excited to be there and provide that for them.

@Goldenhand33 : Traustason

Brendan Wilson (Soccer Banditz): Kaptoum

Sean Mackinnon (Soccer Banditz): Buchanan

Sean Cronin (Soccer Banditz): Kaptoum & Gil

Greg Gomes (MLSNowPodcast.com): Buksa

Do you trust the front office to make changes if needed?

Chris Mejia : Oh boy, now you’ve done it. You gave me a difficult question. Short answer? Yes. My confidence in the FO has definitely grown since the firing of Jay Heaps and subsequently Brad Friedel. With the completion of the new Training Center and hiring of Bruce Arena that confidence continues to grow as I think the Kraft Group is finally getting behind this team. Although I still have major reservations with hoping that this trend will continue because of the years of neglect and lack of investment in the Revolution Organization. Give me a couple more seasons of this and ask me again.

@Goldenhand33 : ? (Signifying being unsure about whether he can trust the front office)

Brendan Wilson (Soccer Banditz): Not during the season, maybe next offseason

Sean Mackinnon (Soccer Banditz): Honestly, no.

Sean Cronin (Soccer Banditz): Yes, I think Brian knows a lot about soccer in all different ways.

Greg Gomes (MLSNowPodcast.com): I do now that changes were made in the front office. It has been nothing but progressive since Burns left.

What player would you put on the back of the current jersey and why?

Chris Mejia : Teal Bunbury. Hands down. When it comes to hustle and effort, Teal gives it. Every single game he plays. There were a couple rough patches and definitely isn’t the best goal scorer in Revs history, but when it comes to caring about his team and fans and wanting to give it all I think he’s unrivaled.

@Goldenhand33 : I would get Gil’s jersey because he is likely the most technically gifted player the Revs have ever had.

Brendan Wilson (Soccer Banditz): Gil, life and soul of the team

Credit: Revolution Communications

Sean Mackinnon (Soccer Banditz): Turner, he’s our best player

Sean Cronin (Soccer Banditz): Farrell or Gil. Farrell is the heart and soul of this team and Gil could go down as our best player ever.

Greg Gomes (MLSNowPodcast.com): I would put Buksa on the kit, I feel he has a lot to prove but I also feel he has done nothing but try to improve and bust his tail since day 1. I really hope he does well!

Pierce’s Drunken Outlook (While Taking The Dog To Poop)

So, we were thinking about all giving our own opinions here. But we asked our favorite Derby County fan, Chris Pierce his opinion first and this is how it went. He did it on the fly, while sitting outside waiting.

My outlook on the season can be described with two words. Hopeful and excited. I’m hopeful that the Revs, with their new signings, as well as Buksa and Kessler going in to the season knowing what to expect, that they can improve on their result from last season. I am excited to see what Coach Arena will do in his second full season at the helm. Last year was him attempting to improve on Friedel’s results, which he did. This year will be him trying to out-do himself, and I believe it will be a very telling year for our club.

-Chris Pierce, Part of the SCLP Trifecta

And honestly, Jeremy and myself couldn’t have said it any better. So now, this section is called Pierce’s Drunken Outlook, because he was enjoying a beverage and waiting for his dog to poop. Look forward to Jeremy’s (@FletchHigh) continued breakdown of the Revs roster up until the game. Chris Creighton (@CreightonC11) will have a fun little piece himself soon as well.

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