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Chelsea Men

Since I last posted anything here, my soccer teams have had some fantastic results. A quick rundown shows that the Chelsea men’s team went on to win both the UEFA Champions League over Manchester City and the Super Cup over Villareal. Two European titles in the space of 3 months, nothing to scoff at. In the transfer window, they brought back to the club Romelu Lukaku. They have also started the 2021/22 league campaign in scintillating form, getting 10 points from their opening four games and having not conceded from open play in those matches.

Chelsea also won their opening match of the Champions League title defense in the group stages. With a team with depth and the ability to change tactics on the fly, this could be potentially another fun season for a Chelsea fan.

New England Revolution

In MLS, the New England Revolution have found their way to have a chance at a record-breaking season. Currently sitting top of the Supporter’s Shield standings with an opportunity to challenge for the points records in MLS history, this team is something special. Playing well while missing key pieces and have that true depth mentality has shown in recent weeks. Finding ways to grind out results when not playing well has shown a strength in character in this side that I do not remember seeing in an extremely long time.

Last Kit with the Crayola Logo. Photocredit: Revolution Media

With the possibility of home field throughout the playoffs, an MLS Cup Final game played at home; there is an amount of excitement in me for all of these possibilities.

Chelsea Women

The WSL season has also just started, and with the way some of the top teams have come out, Chelsea’s title defense will be a challenge this year. Losing their opening match of the season to Arsenal, all be it to an offside goal, was a tough pill to swallow. The team rebounded and is coming out of the international break with a massive match against former player Hannah Blunder and Manchester United. The new group stages of the UWCL is set to start at the beginning of October, which brings more possibilities and intrigue to me.

While Blundell is playing phenomenally for United, this still hurts. Photocredit: https://twitter.com/HanBlundell/status/1434073898321076225/photo/1

Essentially I have more women’s Chelsea games than ever to watch and enjoy, as well as more Chelsea women’s games to break down and write about than I have ever had.

What’s Happened

I have found it challenging to write about these teams and leagues even with all this good. Life has just hit hard these past couple of months. While I have about 4/5 drafts that had been started and researched, which takes a lot of time, I just have not felt the will to finish them. There are lineups with tactics that break down how the Rev’s play depends on the formation and potential changes that could help them (after the season’s first eight games). There are notes on the WSL team with their new signings and how they could help each side. Notes on how I expected the WSL to break down this season, and yet I could not find the energy to write. It’s been hard between moving and life throwing a bunch of curveballs (some of you know, the rest I hope you respect my privacy).

The Future

There is some good news. This is the first piece I have finished since March? And there will be more coming soon. I am excited to do a Revolution Roster breakdown going into the playoffs, and with the gap after the final home game, I can do it properly. With the EA Sports FIFA mistake confirming a rebrand coming, I will gladly break down and talk about my opinions and maybe have a contest to go with it. I am starting to feel settled again and with life being a bit more reasonable feel the writing mojo coming back.

One of my new roommates, yes my room was not the cleanest….sorry not sorry

I look forward to talking about the teams I love again and hope you will come back for the journey.

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