#GivingTuesday: New England Soccer Charities


Revs Playoff Game On #GivingTuesday

The Revolution have made it habit of giving great things to their fans this year. They have their first playoff game (The Eastern Conference Semifinal) at 7:30 PM on November 30th, 2021. Coincidentally, that is also Giving Tuesday, a day coined alongside Cyber Monday and Black Friday. #GivingTuesday started nine years ago. Now, it helps many charities far and wide to bring in donations in bigger amounts! So, you could say the Revs have started off Giving Tuesday with a killer donation to Revolution fans everywhere! To follow along with the soccer giving, I want to share with all of you three New England based soccer charities to give to on this Giving Tuesday!

Six New England Based Soccer Charities

Beyond Soccer Lawrence (MA)

Beyond Soccer Lawrence is a charity run out of Lawrence, MA. BSL is dedicated to helping the local Lawrence youth with a place to connect and experience new things. Beyond Soccer hopes to help stabilize and improve the youth’s lives through these experiences and sports. They develop healthy relationships through sport and social interaction. Keeping kids who have been inspired by the charity in the local leagues as “junior coaches”. The charity has proven to be a positive influence on the entire area of Lawrence. The executive director of Beyond Soccer is a prior women’s player for the University of Michigan. The Beyond Soccer name has now included Beyond Volley into their repertoire. Hope they continue to do great things for years to come! Please consider donating to Beyond Soccer Lawrence.

Here is their quarterly newsletter with their recent numbers and achievements.

Vermont Patriots (VT)

Vermont Patriots are a nonprofit charity based out of Landry Park in Winooski, VT. Similar to Beyond Lawrence, they believe that youth sports are an important part of local community health for their children. The Patriots hope to provide soccer players of all life and financial backgrounds. In their mission, they point to the US Soccer “Pay to Play” system. They hope to break away from that issue in VT. The charity looks to local community and business partners to level the playing field. Vermont Patriots see soccer as a unifying language to bring all walks of life together in playing and education. The programs that the Patriots bring to Winooski are based on sporting excellence, healthy mind, healthy body and substance free. They are a great service to the Winooski area. Please consider donating to Vermont Patriots!

Around the worlds (CT)

Around The Worlds is based in Ellington, CT. The charity looks to provide underprivileged children from underserved communities worldwide with the opportunity to play soccer. The reason they do this is to help escape race, sex and poverty boundaries, with a sport that transcends all boundaries. They have soccer workshops free-of-charge to help bring the game to locations that wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to play. Around The Worlds leaves soccer balls and various soccer equipment behind to help foster the continuation of learning soccer. They have given out 3,257 soccer balls in 49 different countries while teaching 6,338 kids. That’s a great accomplishment. Consider donating to Around The Worlds this Giving Tuesday.

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