Coronavirus Strikes The World

Please be safe:

First and foremost, please be intelligent and stay in. I know we all want to enjoy each others company and be watching soccer together. It is just not a plausible thing at the moment, as we don’t know who is and isn’t a carrier until way too late. Our friends know we love them and vice versa.

Second of all, there is so many places to find good soccer to watch and share this day and age. So many FIFA tournaments have kicked off if you’re into video games. NBC Sports just gave their NBC Sports Gold for free out, so you can watch the Premier League replays. A lot of teams and/or leagues are playing out classic games of their past. It’s all just as good as being there, to relive some glory soccer. Just Zoom, Houseparty, Google Duo…whatever you have to do to feel camraderie.

A little story telling:

This thing hit the company I work for first out of everything. I worked for a company that designs trade show booths. I was the lone inventory manager and was one of the first people to go. Along with me went the rest of our shipping department, within a couple weeks, they had a second lay-off session of almost 75% of the company. Who knows if I’ll ever be called back to that business. Honestly, the worst part, is we totally could have prepared for this. People just pushed off that it would actually “cancel everything”. It did, it cancelled every large show that our clients were tied into.

Currently, I’m collecting unemployment and hoping to go back, but still looking for other jobs. Meanwhile, writing, music, playing with my daughter and video games are my life. As you’ve probably seen from memes, I’m one of the videogamers that saw a “stay at home advisory” and clapped my hands together and said “lets do it! I’ve been training for this my whole life.”

Missing Soccer

I’ve literally been trying to catch as much soccer as possible in the form of replays that my teams are doing. Currently, the best game that I’ve taken the time out to watch was the Revs replay of the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals Leg 1. Tonight is the replay of Leg 2. This was such a great time to be a Revs fan! I can’t wait to watch the awesome again. Juventus and Everton have also been replaying great games of their illustrious existences.

A good portion of my Riders family got together and played a few rounds of Jackbox games. It was very theraputic to laugh and enjoy time together like we would be every possible weekend. I recommend this to any supporter’s group or team. It is a worthwhile team building exercise! Also, if I didn’t have my Short Corners/ Riders family, I’m not sure that I would be sane enough to fight the stir-crazy.

Some Positive Poetry

For those who don’t know, I also write poetry, short stories and eventually would like to do that for a living at some point. I feel it due course to try to keep people in good spirits, so without further ado, my vocabulary flexing.

If we put our minds together,

And not our hands

We’ll fight this away forever,

people will understand.

You can’t forget the past,

You’ll need it in the future.

Sitting here at this computer

We network the most

So spread the intelligence

So then we can toast

To the end of this virus

Never taking things for granted

Or being over-desirous

Appreciate your friends

And all that they stand behind you for

They understand you completely

Directly to your core.

Forward Thinking Revs Incite Excitement

Yes, yes, I know. Positivity is a scary ledge to perch on in the world of the New England Revolution. I’ve been there many times in my 25 seasons with the Revs. Let’s try and tip-toe across the ledge and get to the other side.

We’re sitting with a roster which is has been bolstered by 7 signings (it would have been 8, but Samba Camara’s contract was just voided due to denied Visa) over the offseason. It leaves us with 26 spots full. None of the picks after Kessler has been signed to either Revs or Revs II at this point. The major signings being Adam Buksa, Alexander Büttner and the return of Kelyn Rowe.

Signings show a path to a bright future…

Buksa is a tall, young Polish center forward from the Ekstraklasa. He has been tearing up that league with several world-class goals before he was picked out by Arena and his scouting department. He is 6’3″ and around 170-180 lbs. He has comparable foot skills to Gil and Bou and is ambipedal. The goals that you’ll see below in his highlights see him beating people to the ball. He can also beat people off the ball which is a great thing that our CF has been missing forever. I am happily positive on this get and hope he continues to develop here with Bruce.

via EkstraklasaORG on Youtube — Adam’s goals in the Ekstraklasa

Alexander Büttner has major upside in his experience of the game of football. He has played in the Eredivisie, Premier League, Belgian First Division A and the Russian Premier League for teams such as Manchester United, Vitesse, Anderlecht and Dynamo Moscow. He now lands in MLS for the Revs with a much-needed strength at the left-back position. He is 5’9″ and has a very strong shot, also extremely talented with crosses from the left side. He is always willing to go for the ball to the last moment, most of the time providing an assist afterward, or a goal whenever he can. If he brings the usual skills to the table, it will be a major upgrade from Castillo, Somi and even Tierney. Watching a few of his recent games, he still has amazing crosses and that is something we would be missing, especially with the addition of a tall CF like Buksa.

It’s the return of the Rowe. Kelyn Rowe has graced New England with his presence once again and it seems as though Bruce is absolutely loving it. He loves it here and I think he knows where he belongs now. Bruce and Kelyn go back to his short stint with the USMNT, which is a great connection to have. I think we see Kelyn as an extremely often super-sub. His long distance strikes late in games cause problems for the other team. He also is a very decent holding midfielder.

Positivity abound in Twitter and Facebook alike…

Between the Season Ticket holder event this weekend and preseason starting, the #NERevs has been buzzing with hype and excitement for a team that looks invested into winning for once. Bruce tapped into the team’s core being last year and got amazing out of a team that produced next to nothing the first half of the season. Everyone is looking forward to what Bruce can do with a full year and a few more Bruce buys. We’re all looking forward to the first preseason games. The first games will not be streamed, but I have heard that the ones in Portland will be.

I am also extremely excited as the closer preseason gets to closing, the closer the season opener is in Montreal which I am heading to with my wife and 4 year old daughter! It seems as though there will be a large Revs contingency up there so it will make for a fun game all around! Let’s keep this positivity heading into the new year and get completely behind our boys!

Playoff Excitement and Haters…

I’m super pumped for this game on Saturday. I love even more that we’re underdogs. We thrive while being the underdogs and always have. It catapults the fans to a level of hype unseen, especially when the players catch on and double it down. This #RaiseYourColors tag has also kicked my feelings up a notch. The “Mama Mama” chant has been a mainstay in the Revolution realm for years now, it’s about time they assimilated to the supporter’s culture.

Atlanta will be tough…

Yeah yeah yeah, they’ve got a couple ex-Revs looking to pay the team back. Yeah, they’ve got one of the top goal scorers of the past few years since Atlanta came into the league. I’m not going to chop this up lightly. AU will definitely come out swinging. Atlanta will be coming into this with a general knowledge of the team from the game on Decision Day, fresh in their heads. This knowledge may be fake, so lets not even focus in on that. Martinez, Gressel and Pity/Barco can absolutely tear this Revs team apart and we’ve already seen it a few times within the past year. Martinez will be playing the back line as usual, hoping to catch someone sleeping.

The biggest plus on Atlanta’s half is that they’ll have 50,000 or more fans in the crowd making noise. I’ve heard a decent section of Revolution fans may be heading down for the game, but I still think it will be less than 30-40. I hope I’m wrong. Needless to say, the New England players will have to believe the fans are making a ruckus for them up in 329, very unlikely to be heard.

The major subtraction I can take from this team, is this team is not coached by MLS Cup winning Tata, they’ve got FDB. I cannot assume the same level of ability to keep players composed in the face of the Revs coming out and scoring first. I think this is where we may have a chance to change up people’s minds. We have an MLS Cup winning head coach, they don’t.

Hype Train Rolls On…

I will start at the top. As soon as Bruce Arena took a hold onto this team, they became a different entity entirely. We’ve seen cohesion between players and even some singular players having major confidence boosts. Right here, is where I start this hype train. I know a lot of us fans are tainted by performances past, but this coach, with this team. Arena seems to make these players want to run through walls for him. He definitely makes the fans want to jump out of their seats and run onto the field and hug him.

We have MLS Newcomer of the Year, Carles Gil on our team. He has been a part of this team since during the Friedel downfall and he still came out unscathed. He scored 10 goals this season and provided 14 more people with goals. Bou and him have vibed so well together that I don’t see this game not having a Bou to Gil to Bou goal. He will lead us to victory. oh capitán mi capitán

We have LA PANTERA, Gustavo Bou. He has 9 goals and 2 assists in 13 games started, 14 games played since he joined the team. At the moment, he is likely to strike again, as he hasn’t gone two games without a goal all season. On average, he scores a goal every game and a half. With that stat, if he was here all year, he would have been closing in on Martinez’s trail with around 24-25 goals in 34 games. He is the real deal and willing to do anything and everything to try and score. I hope this panther strikes again this upcoming game!

We have Matt Turner, our Goalkeeper of the Year in our hearts. His stats are unreal, even if it’s only part of the season. At one point in the season, this guy was supposed to have let in 28 goals. He allowed 20. There were no other goalkeepers even in his range for G-xG. He is the main reason this team stands in the playoffs. He is also the reason I’m consistently ready to run through a wall. Turner has shown me that he can step up and keep people motivated to make it all happen. In most of his interviews, he is always speaking on how the team is working together and working hard. It shows!

The team on the whole has been legit through this run of 5 and a half months since Arena stepped into his position as Head Coach/ Sporting Director. Agudelo, Fagundez, and Penilla have all had great showings in their various starts and super-sub moments. Luis Caicedo has continued to be the backbone of the team, always ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good (tactical fouls). He has great soccer IQ and it’s awesome to see. Big Wilf has showed he can be a great asset in keeping possession. He also manages to send some great passes through from time to time. The whole back-line in the past few games have worked their asses off. From Farrell, Delemea, Anibaba, Mancienne, to Jones, they all have shown some amazing work and I can’t wait to see the pumped up version of the defense they showed a week and a half ago.

All the haters…

Beware. The underdogs are ready to go. We will show up on Saturday. We will make as many strikes on goal as we did a week or so ago. And we will score them this time. We will keep your “strikers” out of our end with great ease. We will keep our calm and strike when the moment is right. Our supporters will be partying up in 329 singing “Glory Glory”, with an amazing emphasis on the part “Undivided…F UNITED”. I can’t wait to go to the bar and annoy the regulars when I’m jumping around the lounge area screaming my lungs out.“Mama Mama, Can’t you see, What New England’s done for me…” This is the Revolution and we will not back down. “Raise your colors, Raise them up.”


Let us rant a bit…

I’ve been out of the writing world for a month dealing with Life. Now that I am back, I’d like to rant for a bit. Apparently, there are people who believe that the Revs are anything else like the title winning teams in Boston/ New England. The #NERevs hashtag had a guy start to tell people to pump the brakes on celebrating a tie on Wednesday.

I have been here 24 years for this team. I’ve seen MLS Cups with the Revs and felt the absolute tear of the heart as it’s ripped away from you. Never, ever, in my life, would I look at this season for the Revolution and say that I shouldn’t be celebrating every game since Bruce Arena took a hold of this team. Before May 14th, this year, most Revs fans were watching every game with pain in their heart, watching a team with no passion and no love for the game.

Since he’s taken a hold of the team, we have achieved a record undefeated streak and had an amazing player come in and be the reason we won games, or tied games that we were going to lose. I will never not celebrate a change in a team this heavy. If things didn’t change when they did, this team would be similar to the situation that FC Cincinatti is in at the moment. 100%, as a soccer fan, I will agree, there are some games I would have loved to be wins for my favorite and local team.

Right now, if we win on Sunday we’re looking at clinching a playoff spot against NYCFC at home. This is the game that people love to be at and feel the passion across the stadium that their home team will be in the playoffs! Fans in the stadium will go wild for goals and be ready to hug the player that scores the goal that decides our fates. It is the best feeling to watch this happen. I’ve had the chance to do this so many times in my life with this team.

So, to the negative nancy, I’m not going to put you down. I hope you’ll be the cheering the Revs on while you sit at home (because you won’t be there). I hope you feel the same when they score the goal that wins the game, and celebrate it hard. I do hope you feel regret for telling people that they shouldn’t be celebrating every game closer to clinching a playoff spot. I’ll be thinking of you while I jump up and down, and sing and chant for my team and celebrate every second with them!

Playoffs and NYCFC

The Revolution at home vs NYCFC on paper has our chances to clinch on Sunday to be very promising. The Revs have lost only once in 5 occurences of the Revs playing NYCFC in the past 4 years. Die(goal) has a knack for scoring goals against them and I hope he gets to do the necessary against them again. He has been in a much stronger, shadow winger position. During the game on Wednesday, it definitely seemed like he was confusing the Timbers defense in his position. He was also making necessary defensive stops in the position as well. His passing was on point.

If we win on Sunday, we clinch our place as the last and final playoff position. Absolutely, this should be our one and final goal, but there are ways for us to clinch if we tie or lose at this point.

NYCFC will be depleted after playing a tough game against Atlanta United on Wednesday. Also, they will be without Alexander Ring, Maxime Chanot and Valentin Castellanos due to yellow card accumulation. The biggest part of that is Alexander Ring, as he is their focal point and captain to the team. He has four goals this season and five assists. Maxime Chanot will be a huge loss to their defensive efforts, as he has started in 30 games out of 30 played this season. Valentin Castellanos will leave a huge attacking hole, as he has played in 29 games this season and scored 11, assisting on five goals as well. Hope to see us take advantage of the lack of these players and get ahead early.

Train to Gillette!

As a result of them putting the effort in this year, it seems as though they have put a bug in the ear of the Kraft Group to reach out to the MBTA to get the train moving for Revolution games, especially big ones like Sunday. They have a train slated to arrive at Gillete at 3:30 PM, 90 minutes before game time. It will be leaving 30 minutes after game. Starting at South Station, it will make stops at Back Bay, Route 128 and Mansfield before arriving at Gillette. I hope people make use of it and make the Revolution realize they can buy the train for the soccer games as well!

Coming Home To Put Out the Fire

Momentum from New Jersey

The Revolution are coming back bringing a point from their tightly-contested game against the Red Bulls. The draw adds to the Revs unbeaten streak on the road and has now broken the previous record of six games unbeaten. I’d almost like to repeat that phrase three more times in this sentence. The last time this team was unbeaten on the road in six games was 2008! They have definitely stepped up to be worthy of our praises this year.

The main man between the posts is definitely Matt Turner right now. He had a career-high nine saves in the NYRB game. Beyond that, he’ll be buzzing after he just signed a new undisclosed multi-year contract with New England. If I had to take a guess in the amount, yearly, it’s probably within the $150,000-$200,000 range. Brad Knighton who is his back-up is currently making $111,000 a year. I’m happy to see him happy to commit to the Revs long term.

The panther has struck again, Bou with the game tying goal against the Red Bulls. Since he joined July 10th, he now has 4 goals in 6 games and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. His soccer IQ seems to be off the charts, consistently able to get himself out of double-teams and always toying the offside line to pounce(sorry) onto the softly chipped passes over the defense. I’m excited to see what a full year with the Revs will produce.

Chicago Gets Some Luck…

The MLS Disciplinary Committee has rescinded Chicago’s Nicolas Gaitan’s red card suspension after he made a questionable tackle on the Philadelphia Union’s Jamiro Monteiro nearing half time. This is a major gain back of an attacking midfielder who has tallied up 4 goals and 7 assists this year since he joined the team. Hopefully, we can draw the ire of him again, and get him off his game.

Chicago Look To Bump Revs From Playoff Spot

After a win at home against the Philadelphia Union, the Fire will be looking to double up on those points. The Revolution are now sitting in sixth place with 35 points. Chicago is in tenth place, only two points away from the sixth spot. The game is a must win for the Revs to stay in the playoff race.

Nemanja Nikolić is a dangerous striker force waiting to come out this year. Between the past two years, he has amounted 66 regular season matches, with 39 goals total. This year, it seems he has pulled up a little lame, with 19 matches and only six goals thus far. Two of those goals came in last week’s match against the Union. He may have found his confidence again, so absolutely one to watch.

Schweinsteiger is always looking to boost his side to a win, definitely providing a few key passes this year to his teammates. We will definitely see some of his passing prowess on display and his control on the flow of the game, playing out of the back. It will be tough to get him off his game. I think over-powering the middle with two central defensive midfielders can help against this.

Fortress Gillette

The Revs are confident, but wary. They pulled out a 1-1 draw against the Red Bulls last week. It was not without weakness. Our defense is still very shaky and has lost it’s vigor since losing Toni Delemea to the injury in the LAFC game. Toni is still unavailable for Saturday’s game. The shining bright from the defense was definitely Turner’s nine save game.

Edgar Castillo seemed to be very lost in the NYRB game. He was the direct reason for the Red Bulls goal. He cleared a soft ball for an easy pick to Marc Rzatkowski who controlled it and dropped it down for a beautiful strike into the back of the net. I hope at this point, after two rough games from Castillo, that Arena may think to start Jones over him, or make an earlier substitution for him. Andrew Farrell returns back to what most likely will be the center back position and I think the defense will look that much tigher for it.

Offensively, the Revs has been a force, scoring 4 goals in the past 2 games. Gustavo Bou and Carles Gil still continuing great form together with their give and go’s. I hope to see a more attacking formation this game. Arena seems to be giving the 5 at the back an experimentation while Delemea isn’t healthy. I get the idea, but the team still hasn’t figured out how defend in that formation. I would like to see a 3-4-1-2, allowing more center defensive mids, and getting away from Caldwell being the only one in the middle lane. I think Caldwell doesn’t start this game either, we should see Zahibo or Caicedo back in the middle and a stronger attacking presence on the wings.

The Revs will be back home at Gillette, which should give them a huge boost after an amazing presence at Red Bull Stadium from the fans. It looks to be a decent presence in Foxboro, coming off of the last home game containing 25,000+ fans. I don’t think we’ll see near as many this game. Nevertheless, I hope to hear the entire crowd chanting “Rev-o-lution” this game!

Where in NY is New Jersey?

As a Revs fan, we always have to poke fun at our neighbors to the south. The Red Bulls are hosting New England this Saturday in a game that can help or hurt deeply our chances towards climbing the spots out of the fringe area for playoffs. At the moment, we sit snugly in sixth place a win away from tying for 5th against the team we’re playing this weekend.

Salvaging a point in Seattle

The game in Seattle was very much a contentious battle from the 2nd minute goal to the 95th minute where Fagundez had a chance to win the game in the six-yard box and hit it directly into Stephan Frei’s chest. The final score was 3-3 which showed the majority of the problem for New England. They need to keep their defensive shape, whatever it may be. Arena fielded a new formation, using five defenders. They had three center backs and two wing backs. To make matters worse, we were without Delamea, who had been shoring up the defense during the past few games. Luckily, Mancienne, albeit a little rusty, was ready to hop into the fray. There were many miscommunications between the defenders. The killer for most of the goals was that the wing backs and center backs seemed confused on who should mark the inside and outside attackers.

Positively, we can declare Bou a goal scorer again putting to rest any idea of him hitting a drought. Gil starts off another month with a one goal, one assist game. Also, with that goal and assist, he is one goal away from being the 2nd player in the MLS this year with double-digit goals and assists. It is great to have attackers with a consistent output again. Now, the defense just needs to play along with them.

Loving these slow-mo videos from @KBurke24 in the Revs Media dept.
Injuries and suspension plaguing the defense

At this point, it is known that Toni Delamea will be out until the end of the month at least. The good thing about the injured list is that it is slowly getting smaller. DeJuan Jones is now training fully so it is expected to see him on the bench as a burst of speed if necessary. Mancienne is slowly acclimating to the team again, I hope to see more cohesion from the backline in another game’s time. The Revs will be missing Andrew Farrell from the line-up against the Red Bulls with a yellow card accumulation suspension. It is widely believed that we will return to a four back formation. They will have Mancienne and Anibaba as the center backs, Bye as a right back, and Castillo as the left back. All hope is that the defense is much more precise in their movements this game.

Looking to Saturday

Once again, New England is looking to take three points home from New York (New Jersey). Five hundred or more supporters are heading down to the away section in Red Bull Stadium which usually can be heard by the broadcast. The fans always make it a great game by creating a similar atmosphere as back at Gillette. Both the Midnight Riders and Rebellion have been selling tickets to the game and also, there is a season ticket holder perk of getting tickets and the bus ride down through the Revs. The Revs will most likely field a similar team as Seattle, with the addition of Jones coming back into the bench.

The Red Bulls will look to bounce back from a disheartening 4-2 loss to LAFC. They do not have any injuries of note at this time concerning this game. The usual danger lies within Daniel Royer and his ability to create chances on both sides of the ball. He has set up 4 game winning assists this year alone. Kaku, while rumored to be on his way out of the club by the end of the year, will also be a similar threat. He has four assists and three goals this year. The major goalscorer for the team, Brian White arrived last year and has now played in seventeen games this year, he has scored nine goals. He will be looking to create chances like Morris did in the Seattle game.

Get out and watch the Revs with your friends!

Hoping to see any of you out and about in one of the local bars for the game or at the game on the TV! To all the supporters (Riders, Rebels, etc.) heading down for the game, make sure to sing loud, sing proud.

Revs Look To Strike Back In Seattle

I’ve been watching a show on Netflix called “Trainer!”. I recommend it to anyone who loves soccer/football or someone just getting into the game. It touches on a few key things that a Revs fan has come to know, if they’ve spent the past 5 years with the rest of us. No matter what you do as a coach, your moves are always judged. This is the difference between Brad and Bruce. Bruce knows that you’re one hundred percent judged whether you win, lose or draw. It’s about how you bounce back. It’s what you learn from your mistakes, not who to blame or why things happened the way they did. This is why I think the game in Seattle will be one to watch.

Revs fare well in the West

New England heading to Seattle has good vibes to it this year. We have two wins and two ties in away games against the West. The two wins are most recent and are a direct correlation of the Arena era. There are two major points stemming from those games that we need to make sure happens again. Carles Gil needs to be able to find heads or feet. In the game against LA, he assisted both Penilla and Bunbury for simple goals, lets get back to that. He also added another assist to Juan Fernando Caicedo in the game against Colorado. Juan also needs to find space and to strike the back of the net again. We need a few strikers with goal confidence to kick start our attack.

Come on Revs, let’s score a goal…

The most damning stat from the game against LAFC is the shots versus shots on goal. The Revs ended up with seven shots but only one on goal. LAFC ended up with seven shots, six on goal and two in the back of the net. The boys in blue need to make us believe they can strike on goal and string together attacking play after the showing in Gillette this past weekend. I would love to see Bou with another cracking goal from distance.

Defensive Pros/Cons

Turner has been a force in these past few games. He shut down Carlos Vela all game last Saturday. Major issues in the wing backs Castillo and Bye with the inability to cross consistently and getting caught out of position. Delemea is ruled out for the game. New England will have two players, Mancienne and Anibaba to fill in that position at center back. I’m hoping to see what Mancienne can bring to the table. I think if he steps out after his injury and we make some major stops. I think it will be great for his confidence going forward if Toni is ruled out for longer than this game.

Morris will be looking to score…

Seattle’s most dangerous player at the moment will be Morris. He will be wanting to score more after his great goal in the game against Sporting Kansas City. Also, they made two great signings for the midfield in Emmanuel Cecchini from Malaga and Luis Silva (a former RSL player) from a first division Finnish team. This bolstering of the midfield positions can help the team in the final third, let’s hope we don’t see them this game. They are coming off a loss to SKC, which is a major plus for the Revs.

If you’re looking for me…

Looking for a place to watch the game? I will be at Boston Billiards Club and Casino in Nashua, NH with the Midnight Riders watch party run by Monty Rodrigues. It’s cooking up to be a great game and great time. Boston Billiards has delicious food and plenty of drink.

Midnight Riding

Obviously, I have professed my love for the Revs pretty deeply. Over the years, the team on the field has brought me to the highest highs and the lowest lows. I think the most important thing that has come from all this soccer is the supporter’s group that my father joined in the first year of its’ existence. The past 24 years for me have been far greater because I know all the people I have met through the Midnight Riders.

First and foremost, I have my wife and now our beautiful daughter. I met my wife as a kid of 16 years old and we dated for a small time. Both of our parents were Riders before us. We split up then and didn’t get back together until 2015. We married in 2017. If I didn’t know her, I wouldn’t know what it was like to have a significant other with similar loves and interests. I had women in my life that actually tried to keep me away from joining people at the bar to watch soccer. It’s the best part of being a fan! The camaraderie and joy of watching and talking to complete strangers who have the same love as you. And cheering and chanting with the same people.

I have had these type of people in my life for 24 years now. It’s crazy to think what my life would be like without them. I wouldn’t have met a lot of my long-time friends now. We’ve all grown up a large amount but we all keep in touch. I will never give them up. The Riders have always been the safest of spaces to just exist as a person. Just as now, we accept all into our hearts. “All are welcome” as the tifo our group created for Pride Night this year says. I can’t be more proud of what we do as people.

Source: cutlinejoe on Flickr

The most amazing thing our group manages is a crazy amount of philanthropic efforts. We have been making it a goal to donate to a cause from every area of New England before a season is through. We have been throwing a charity golf tournament for the past few years and this year it has decided on a charity which is near and dear to my heart. The golf tournament this year is going to the National Autism Foundation. As people may know or not know, my daughter Jett is diagnosed autistic. She is 2 1/2 and non-verbal now, as opposed to around 1 year old, she was just starting to say words and just stopped. I’m proud to be a part of this tournament this year and every year. I hope we break last years donation!

As it is nearing 3 in the morning, I should probably stop writing about this. I love the Midnight Riders and everything that they stand for. The group of people that I have come to know has made me a better person. If you’re feeling alone as a Revs fan, or just want to join other people in their deep love for the Revs. Definitely think about joining the Riders. All are welcome…I added a button to send you straight to the membership page to make it that easy! Oh! and I’ll make another button for you to join us for golf, if you like golf…if not, come for the dinner! There are raffle prizes and auction pieces including autographed Patriots memorabilia, a Charlie McAvoy signed puck, Andrew Benintendi signed Baseball and more. It will be fun. I promise!

Revs: What is happiness?

It’s not often, as a New England Revolution fan, that we find ourselves happy. For the past 5 years, the team took a pretty decent downfall, and it has driven the fandom into a realm of sadness. I often gave the comparison of the “factory of sadness”, that the Browns fan Mike Polk once called the Browns Stadium. “I’ll see you Sunday” was his sign off from that rant he went on. It has been very similar for so many Revs fans to step onto Gillette’s parking lots and feel the same way.

Right now, since May 14th when Bruce Arena was hired, it seems a totally different world. We now have belief in the team that we watch. We have renewed sense of pride. The Revs have always had a summer slump, even when they were good. Now, we’re winning in the summer. Is this even the same team? Is this like the The Society? No, we’re just a better team than we were 2 months ago. It’s crazy to say we just signed Gustavo Bou, a well-known striker, who has scored 66 goals in 157 appearances in the past 5 years. Wait, a striker? That actually has scored a large amount of goals in the prime of his career? This is unheard of.

I have started to see all my friends come back out of their shells that they hid into as a Revs fan. I have a family of fans that told me they are coming to the game after not seeing them show up in years. People are showing their pride by wearing their shirts, jackets, scarves, wherever they go. I have a co-worker now who asks me everyday at break what the news is with the team. He also managed to pick me out of the crowd while watching the Vancouver game. He is not exactly who you would call an average soccer fan. It’s really exciting that the hype is getting everyone Revs-centric.

I can’t wait for tomorrow to sing with my friends and watch our team be dominant again. It will be glorious…I can’t believe I’m saying this. Happiness may be fleeting, but for now, I’ll live where there’s hope. Here’s to the Bruce Arena Era. Don’t let me downnnnnn BRUCE!

Raised On Soccer

I’m not sure how often everyone in the twitter/facebook world actually watches soccer. For most, in America, I would say the average is probably once a week, if that. For me? I can say most weeks, I catch at least 5-7. This month? I will say I might catch 15-20.

We have the Gold Cup, Women’s World Cup, The US U-20 “Baby Yanks”, Open Cup Fourth Round this month. It is like soccer heaven for a soul like me who was raised on soccer.

I started playing at age 3-4 and I can still kick a ball around. I was born in 1987. My world changed for the better once my parents entered me into Pepperell’s flourishing soccer program. I continued in that same town program for the next 14 years and met some of the greatest people who loved soccer as well.

When World Cup 1994 hit, the US went into a soccer craze and sure enough by 1996, we had professional/semi-pro teams popping up everywhere between the USISL, MLS and other odd leagues around the United States. My father was a great contributor to my soccer obsession. He made sure we went to as many games possible every year between going to see the Boston Bulldogs, Boston Renegades and the Revolution during my pre-teen years.

The overload of soccer was amazing, between going to Revs games and watching all the available games to watch on TV. My father also helped to further my love by getting me into refereeing games when I was 9. I reffed games from then until I was around 24 years old. It allowed me to see the difference in leagues and different styles of play. I need to return to reffing.

Around that same time, I also got into a relationship with someone who didn’t share the same love I had with soccer. She couldn’t even see the great passion I had and love my enthusiasm. I fell out of touch with the game and it honestly was sort of symbolic to my entire being. My family, the people who have cared and loved me for who I am and who I will always be are the people I have come to know from Revolution games.

I grew up as a member of the Midnight Riders. I had a good portion of most of my teenage year birthdays with the Riders. Never a dull birthday ever again! I don’t think my butt has ever recovered from birthday spankings. I couldn’t be prouder of the group that the Riders have become as a whole. They have become an amazing philanthropic force. I will speak more on them next time. Right now, I’m being pulled to break at work, which means I’m throwing on the US Women’s National Team’s first game in the Women’s World Cup in France. Go US!