Revs Look To Strike Back In Seattle

I’ve been watching a show on Netflix called “Trainer!”. I recommend it to anyone who loves soccer/football or someone just getting into the game. It touches on a few key things that a Revs fan has come to know, if they’ve spent the past 5 years with the rest of us. No matter what you do as a coach, your moves are always judged. This is the difference between Brad and Bruce. Bruce knows that you’re one hundred percent judged whether you win, lose or draw. It’s about how you bounce back. It’s what you learn from your mistakes, not who to blame or why things happened the way they did. This is why I think the game in Seattle will be one to watch.

Revs fare well in the West

New England heading to Seattle has good vibes to it this year. We have two wins and two ties in away games against the West. The two wins are most recent and are a direct correlation of the Arena era. There are two major points stemming from those games that we need to make sure happens again. Carles Gil needs to be able to find heads or feet. In the game against LA, he assisted both Penilla and Bunbury for simple goals, lets get back to that. He also added another assist to Juan Fernando Caicedo in the game against Colorado. Juan also needs to find space and to strike the back of the net again. We need a few strikers with goal confidence to kick start our attack.

Come on Revs, let’s score a goal…

The most damning stat from the game against LAFC is the shots versus shots on goal. The Revs ended up with seven shots but only one on goal. LAFC ended up with seven shots, six on goal and two in the back of the net. The boys in blue need to make us believe they can strike on goal and string together attacking play after the showing in Gillette this past weekend. I would love to see Bou with another cracking goal from distance.

Defensive Pros/Cons

Turner has been a force in these past few games. He shut down Carlos Vela all game last Saturday. Major issues in the wing backs Castillo and Bye with the inability to cross consistently and getting caught out of position. Delemea is ruled out for the game. New England will have two players, Mancienne and Anibaba to fill in that position at center back. I’m hoping to see what Mancienne can bring to the table. I think if he steps out after his injury and we make some major stops. I think it will be great for his confidence going forward if Toni is ruled out for longer than this game.

Morris will be looking to score…

Seattle’s most dangerous player at the moment will be Morris. He will be wanting to score more after his great goal in the game against Sporting Kansas City. Also, they made two great signings for the midfield in Emmanuel Cecchini from Malaga and Luis Silva (a former RSL player) from a first division Finnish team. This bolstering of the midfield positions can help the team in the final third, let’s hope we don’t see them this game. They are coming off a loss to SKC, which is a major plus for the Revs.

If you’re looking for me…

Looking for a place to watch the game? I will be at Boston Billiards Club and Casino in Nashua, NH with the Midnight Riders watch party run by Monty Rodrigues. It’s cooking up to be a great game and great time. Boston Billiards has delicious food and plenty of drink.

Midnight Riding

Obviously, I have professed my love for the Revs pretty deeply. Over the years, the team on the field has brought me to the highest highs and the lowest lows. I think the most important thing that has come from all this soccer is the supporter’s group that my father joined in the first year of its’ existence. The past 24 years for me have been far greater because I know all the people I have met through the Midnight Riders.

First and foremost, I have my wife and now our beautiful daughter. I met my wife as a kid of 16 years old and we dated for a small time. Both of our parents were Riders before us. We split up then and didn’t get back together until 2015. We married in 2017. If I didn’t know her, I wouldn’t know what it was like to have a significant other with similar loves and interests. I had women in my life that actually tried to keep me away from joining people at the bar to watch soccer. It’s the best part of being a fan! The camaraderie and joy of watching and talking to complete strangers who have the same love as you. And cheering and chanting with the same people.

I have had these type of people in my life for 24 years now. It’s crazy to think what my life would be like without them. I wouldn’t have met a lot of my long-time friends now. We’ve all grown up a large amount but we all keep in touch. I will never give them up. The Riders have always been the safest of spaces to just exist as a person. Just as now, we accept all into our hearts. “All are welcome” as the tifo our group created for Pride Night this year says. I can’t be more proud of what we do as people.

Source: cutlinejoe on Flickr

The most amazing thing our group manages is a crazy amount of philanthropic efforts. We have been making it a goal to donate to a cause from every area of New England before a season is through. We have been throwing a charity golf tournament for the past few years and this year it has decided on a charity which is near and dear to my heart. The golf tournament this year is going to the National Autism Foundation. As people may know or not know, my daughter Jett is diagnosed autistic. She is 2 1/2 and non-verbal now, as opposed to around 1 year old, she was just starting to say words and just stopped. I’m proud to be a part of this tournament this year and every year. I hope we break last years donation!

As it is nearing 3 in the morning, I should probably stop writing about this. I love the Midnight Riders and everything that they stand for. The group of people that I have come to know has made me a better person. If you’re feeling alone as a Revs fan, or just want to join other people in their deep love for the Revs. Definitely think about joining the Riders. All are welcome…I added a button to send you straight to the membership page to make it that easy! Oh! and I’ll make another button for you to join us for golf, if you like golf…if not, come for the dinner! There are raffle prizes and auction pieces including autographed Patriots memorabilia, a Charlie McAvoy signed puck, Andrew Benintendi signed Baseball and more. It will be fun. I promise!

Revs: What is happiness?

It’s not often, as a New England Revolution fan, that we find ourselves happy. For the past 5 years, the team took a pretty decent downfall, and it has driven the fandom into a realm of sadness. I often gave the comparison of the “factory of sadness”, that the Browns fan Mike Polk once called the Browns Stadium. “I’ll see you Sunday” was his sign off from that rant he went on. It has been very similar for so many Revs fans to step onto Gillette’s parking lots and feel the same way.

Right now, since May 14th when Bruce Arena was hired, it seems a totally different world. We now have belief in the team that we watch. We have renewed sense of pride. The Revs have always had a summer slump, even when they were good. Now, we’re winning in the summer. Is this even the same team? Is this like the The Society? No, we’re just a better team than we were 2 months ago. It’s crazy to say we just signed Gustavo Bou, a well-known striker, who has scored 66 goals in 157 appearances in the past 5 years. Wait, a striker? That actually has scored a large amount of goals in the prime of his career? This is unheard of.

I have started to see all my friends come back out of their shells that they hid into as a Revs fan. I have a family of fans that told me they are coming to the game after not seeing them show up in years. People are showing their pride by wearing their shirts, jackets, scarves, wherever they go. I have a co-worker now who asks me everyday at break what the news is with the team. He also managed to pick me out of the crowd while watching the Vancouver game. He is not exactly who you would call an average soccer fan. It’s really exciting that the hype is getting everyone Revs-centric.

I can’t wait for tomorrow to sing with my friends and watch our team be dominant again. It will be glorious…I can’t believe I’m saying this. Happiness may be fleeting, but for now, I’ll live where there’s hope. Here’s to the Bruce Arena Era. Don’t let me downnnnnn BRUCE!

Raised On Soccer

I’m not sure how often everyone in the twitter/facebook world actually watches soccer. For most, in America, I would say the average is probably once a week, if that. For me? I can say most weeks, I catch at least 5-7. This month? I will say I might catch 15-20.

We have the Gold Cup, Women’s World Cup, The US U-20 “Baby Yanks”, Open Cup Fourth Round this month. It is like soccer heaven for a soul like me who was raised on soccer.

I started playing at age 3-4 and I can still kick a ball around. I was born in 1987. My world changed for the better once my parents entered me into Pepperell’s flourishing soccer program. I continued in that same town program for the next 14 years and met some of the greatest people who loved soccer as well.

When World Cup 1994 hit, the US went into a soccer craze and sure enough by 1996, we had professional/semi-pro teams popping up everywhere between the USISL, MLS and other odd leagues around the United States. My father was a great contributor to my soccer obsession. He made sure we went to as many games possible every year between going to see the Boston Bulldogs, Boston Renegades and the Revolution during my pre-teen years.

The overload of soccer was amazing, between going to Revs games and watching all the available games to watch on TV. My father also helped to further my love by getting me into refereeing games when I was 9. I reffed games from then until I was around 24 years old. It allowed me to see the difference in leagues and different styles of play. I need to return to reffing.

Around that same time, I also got into a relationship with someone who didn’t share the same love I had with soccer. She couldn’t even see the great passion I had and love my enthusiasm. I fell out of touch with the game and it honestly was sort of symbolic to my entire being. My family, the people who have cared and loved me for who I am and who I will always be are the people I have come to know from Revolution games.

I grew up as a member of the Midnight Riders. I had a good portion of most of my teenage year birthdays with the Riders. Never a dull birthday ever again! I don’t think my butt has ever recovered from birthday spankings. I couldn’t be prouder of the group that the Riders have become as a whole. They have become an amazing philanthropic force. I will speak more on them next time. Right now, I’m being pulled to break at work, which means I’m throwing on the US Women’s National Team’s first game in the Women’s World Cup in France. Go US!