Five Promising Outward Transfers For Revolution Players

Revolution Players That Create A Profit And Can Grow

As it stands currently, a few of the European and South American transfer windows are open. The Revolution have a few players of value and skill that would produce a transfer fee in leaving. Here’s five of them that I believe would produce the most ideal fee. As well as producing the most fee, these are the players that are most likely to grow from it. To be clear, I don’t mean that I’d be ok with these players leaving.

Carles Gil
Carles Gil, Transfer, maybe?
Credit: Revolution Communications

Gil is the most talented and creative of the five selected. Since joining the Revolution, Carles has shown his prowess on the ball. In 2019, he was in the top 5 in both, shot creating actions and goal creating actions. In 2020, Gil obviously was a huge part of the playoffs contention. He was injured for a good portion of the regular season in 2020, which I think would lower his profit, but definitely beats out most others on the team for value growth. Carles is such a versatile player, I think he would command a 4-5 million dollar transfer fee if he leaves.

Transfermarkt Market Value: 4.40 million dollars

Tajon Buchanan

Buchanan has grown by leaps and bounds since joining the team in 2019 from the 9th spot in the MLS Superdraft. In 2019, Tajon appeared in 10 games and started four. In 2020, he appeared in 23 and started in 11. Buchanan’s dribbling ability and vision of the game has created dangerous opportunities for the Revolution. He scored two goals and created two goals with assists this year for New England. Just recently in December, the Canadian national team called him up for their January training camp. For that reason, along with Bruce Arena finding a starting place for Tajon in his team, I find Tajon to be the player with the most value, beyond their formulated value. He might be valued at 2.20 million dollars, but I could see him leaving the team for 3-4 million sooner rather than later. His gamesmanship in the playoff games only created a higher value. He is only providing the team with profit and if he goes to a better league, he could grow exponentially.

Transfermarkt Market Value: 2.20 million dollars

Matt Turner

Turner has been a name in the mouth of MLS fans everywhere and statisticians love him. Matt has had two amazing years in 2019 and 2020, only cementing his position as the starting goalkeeper. He was nominated for the Goalkeeper of the Year in MLS again this year, for the second year in a row. He ended up getting beat out by Andre Blake this year. Comparing Blake to Turner, Turner was forced to make more saves than Blake this year and did it well. Matt’s shot stopping ability when a goal was for sure by normal standards was amazing. He topped the league in PSxG-GA (Post Shot expected goals minus goals against) at 8.2 goals saved that should have been definite goals. Beyond that, it’s expected that Turner will get a call up for the USMNT again soon after enjoying a training camp stay in 2019. His value may be 1.10 million, but if Zack Steffen can go to Man City for 7 million, then Turner can leave the MLS for 2-3 million as it stands. With USMNT 22nd in the National Team rankings, if he can get a game in and do well, his value will skyrocket for that reason.

Transfermarkt Market Value: 1.10 million dollars

Adam Buksa

Buksa had a year for the Revolution, scoring six goals and assisting one on a selfless pass. He had 23 shots on target, which he placed in 5th in the leaderboard for all of MLS. It didn’t quite follow up the years that he had at Pogoń Sczcezin before he came to the Revolution. For this reason, Adam’s value might be still hot but I think he’d be less of a commodity after the showing this year. He was however a huge part of the playoff wins which gives him a big boost. His ability to score on his own exists but he excels with a great playmaker. Europe would love to have him back at his consistent rate of scoring goals. His transfer value would allow him to go back to Europe for around 5 million as it stands. I think his chance to go to the Poland National team would have improved that transfer fee immensely if he got it.

Transfermarkt Market Value: 4.95 million dollars

Henry Kessler

Kessler had a great year for the Revs. He was third out of the entire league in successful pressures, completing 44 percent of his pushes against an attacker. He also was fifth in clearances making 124 in all matches in MLS. Henry’s defensive contributions helped the team while pressuring and making tackles. Kessler made successful tackles 35 times out of 44, making sure that backline was safe. He definitely deserves a look at for the USMNT but it won’t come as it stands. He will have to show out this year again and prove he deserves the call up. His 1 million dollar valuation is pretty simply it, he would get a million or two to an EFL League One, Championship team.

Transfermarkt Market Value: 1.10 million dollars

EPL Predictions From Some American Idiots

With the start of the Premier League around the corner, we’ll be sharing our picks. Chris Pierce (referred to as Pierce), Chris Creighton (referred to as Creighton) and Jeremy Goldenberg with our completely biased and uneducated predictions.


Relegation (in random order)

  1. Brighton and Hove Albion
  2. Southampton
  3. Burnley

My top 4 this season

  1. Liverpool
  2. Manchester City
  3. Arsenal
  4. Wolverhampton


Teams to be relegated this year: (in this order)

  1. Bournemouth (I’ve never been hot on them, and Billing is probably the only interesting prospect they have.)
  2. Watford (Welbeck can’t save ’em)
  3. Norwich City (Awesome green color in their badge, but that’s it)

None of these teams have struck me as teams that actually can pull the stops out at the end of the year to provide themselves with staying power. I might be wrong about Watford, a couple of their transfers this offseason were key. If not them, then definitely Brighton.

Teams I will force myself to put ahead of Everton in the Top 4:

  1. Tottenham (Yes, I know this is a long shot.)
  2. Liverpool (This pains me…)
  3. Man City (Just to piss off my United friends)
  4. Wolves (I want this to happen, so let it be so)

That being said, I think Everton are 5th this year. Their transfer window was amazing. Chelsea will be in 6th…because I said so. Mostly just to annoy the person who’s making their prediction below. ❤


Simply put relegation will be way more entertaining than the top 4, in my opinon or at least the top 2. I still think there is a gap between Liverpool and Manchester City and the rest of the league, and if Spurs can actually finish off a season I think the only interesting place will be 4. The bottom three should be fun this year.

Top 4: 

  1. Manchester City
  2. Liverpool
  3. Tottenham (lord that hurts)
  4. Chelsea

Why Chelsea over Arsenal, United or a third party, well I honestly don’t think Arsenal did enough in the window to make up ground even with the defenders coming in. United I don’t trust Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. So why not Frank’s Chelsea. As for Everton, maybe top 8, if they get behind Marco Silva, not worried about who they brought in…

Relegation (in no particular order)

  1. Sheffield United (didn’t see enough in the window)
  2. Newcastle (don’t trust Steve Bruce or Mike Ashley)
  3. Brighton and Hove Albion (feels like with the loss of the manager that got them there and some of the players who left it’s gonna be a rough year)

Random People we know (don’t worry, we gave them code names) and asked: